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Naam Land Club Merk Type Model Bouwjaar Bijzonderheden Deelname activiteiten
Ad Rademakers NL Rx-7 Club Mazda Rx-7 FB 1983 Car is in my posession now for 21 years. Used very frequently and still going very strong. Concours d'elegance
Ad Rademakers NL Rx-7 Club Mazda Rx-7 FB Cabrio 1982 This is 1 out of only 20 Rx-7 Cabrio conversions in Europe. Built by Lorenz. At the moment existence of only 4 is confirmed. Concours d'elegance
Ad Rademakers NL Rx-7 Club Mazda Rx-7 SA 1979 This Silver Rx-7 with license plate DX-45-PL is the twin of the same car owned by Marco de Leeuw that has license plate DX-54-PL. At the introduction of the Rx-7 in NL in 1979 all press cars had license plates in the range DX-nn-PL. Concours d'elegance
Almar de Vries NL RX-7 Club Mazda RX-7 FD 1992 Original European Car. LHD. Concours d'elegance
Almar de Vries NL RX-7 Club Mazda RX7 SA 1979 Original Dutch Car, Two Tone, Original Foha kit. Second owner since 1986 Concours d'elegance
Andreas Brueck DE Mazda RX-7 FC 1991 Guter Original Zustand
Anita van Rijssel NL RX-7 club Mazda RX-7 FD3S 1993
Arjan van Roode NL Eunos Cosmo Club Mazda Eunos Cosmo 1990 20B
Aston Osborne UK Mazda Rotary Club (UK) Mazda RX-8 192PS Turbo 2005 Highly Modifird RX-8 running Street Ported Engine and Greddy Turbocharger, Water/Meth Injection, Black Halo Racing Coils and Motor Mounts, Adaptronic ECU, RE-Amemiya Aero, Racing Beat/RE-Amemiya Exhaust System, Racing Beat ARB and Tein Coilovers. Bride GIAS Lowmax II Seats, Build by Essex Rotary in the UK
Autobedrijf Hoebeke NL Mazda RX-3 Savanna Coupe 1976 13B oldskool powered
Autobedrijf Hoebeke NL Rx-7 Club Eunos Cosmo 1990 Triple rotor 20B with special suspension, Dual exhaust system. RE-Amemiys ECU.
Bart Heemskerk NL Website Matra Murena 1981 12A rotary transversal, mid engine.
Beaufays Romain BE Hadi MAZDA MAZDA 616 sedan 1975
Bert Kromkamp NL Mazda RX-7 SA 1980 originele staat.
Beschier Rooze NL RX7 club nederland Mazda RX-7 FD3S 1992 Concours d'elegance
Bob NL hadi Mazda club mazda 121Landau 1978
Chichong Man NL RX-7 FD 1992 Initial D Replica Time Attack
chris gowen UK mazda rx8 231 2004 fully modified
Chris Riordan UK Mazda Rotary Club UK Mazda RX7FDS 1993 Bridge Ported 13B built by Powergains. Borg Warner Hybrid Turbo. 4" Down pipe & 31/2" Exhaust. Apexi Management. Rotary Works V Mount. Water/Meth injection. 850 & 1680 injectors. Rotary Works 90mm Throttle Body. Hauser Racing full roll cage. Origin Labs front. Charge Speed Skirts. C West rear. Custom Rear Wing/Splitter/Canards/Diffuser. Tein Suspension. Racing Brake Front & Rear Brake Kits. Exedy Triple Carbon Clutch. Kaaz 1.5 LSD.
Christian von Klösterlein NL Ro80 Club Interantional & NSU Club Nederland NSU Ro80 1975 eigenlijk geen.
Auto in originele staat gerestaureerd.
Concours d'elegance
Clive Haynsford UK Mazda Rotary Club Mazda RX-4 1974 Concours d'elegance
Danenberg BE mazda rx-7 fb 1982 omp aanpassing (tweetaktolie) k&n vervangings luchtfilter. verder origineel.
Daniel Sevenig DE Mazda RX-7 FC 1986 S5 N/A engine, lowered, roll cage Slalom, Time Attack
Dennis van der Meulen NL RX7-club Nederland Mazda RX8 S1 2003 Zwart met rood/zwarte bekleding.
Racing Beat: In- en uitlaat, metric gauge set, olieleidingen.
BBS 19" LM-velgen (Immitation).
7" Tablet ingebouwd ipv de oude navigatie.
Logo's verwijderd, logo in grille, chromen rand om grille.
Kleine nummerplaat vóór.
Winnaar Concours d'elegance 2011.
Concours d'elegance
Dennis van der Meulen NL RX7-club Nederland Mazda RX7 FB 1982 Orginele lichtblauwe metalliclak, orginele staat, nieuwe motor, Compomotive velgen uit 1982.
Winnaar Concours d'elegance 2011 en 2013.
Ik doe dit jaar niet mee met de Cocours d'elegance, voor de verandering zeg maar... :-)
Dirk Koman NL RX 7 Mazda RX 7 FB 1985 Amerikaanse uitvoering
Dirk Slembeck DE Ro 80 Club International Mazda RX-7 FC 1991
Erik Ophof NL Nederlandse Rx-7 club Mazda RX-7 FB 1985
Frans Casteleijn NL RX-7 Club Mazda RX-7 FD 1993 Original Dutch car Concours d'elegance
Frits van amersfoort NL Rx7 clup Mazda Rx7 1983
G.J.Zeelen NL RX-7 RX-7 cabrio 1992
Ger van Rootselaar NL NVT NVT 0
HAMERS JERRY BE rx7 club nl MAZDA RX7 SA 1979
Hans van Rijssel NL RX-7 club Mazda RX-7 FC3C 1988
Hermans Roland BE RX7 CLUB MAZDA RX7 CABRIO 1989 Rood cabrio turbo 2 Concours d'elegance
J. Dauwerse NL Mazda RX-7 FB SDX 1983 K3 Silver metallic, TWR Bumperspoilers, Rotary style Rims
j.dauwerse NL rx-7 club nl mazda RX-7 Targa SA 1980 Personally performed Targa conversion plus complete nut and bolt restoration to virtually new state. Tornado Silver, BBS Rims, home made Polyester Roof Inlay. Concours d'elegance
J.Groen NL nsu spider 1964
Jaap de With NL Mazda rx-7 Club Mazda RX-7 Turbo II FC 1987 Een van de oudste in nederland. Slalom, Time Attack
Jaap Tijman NL NSU Club Nederland Eunos JCESE CCS 1992 net zo lelijk als z'n baas...
Jack Heerikhuisen NL Mazda RX-7 FB 1985 Racing Beat exhaust system
Dellorto intake system with KNN filter
Concours d'elegance, Slalom, Time Attack
Jack Heerikhuisen NL Mazda RX-2 1972 Perfect original condition.
Only 30.000 original K.M.
Concours d'elegance
Jack van Asselt NL NSU club NSU RO80 1975 Oranje, de enig juiste kleur
james Metcalfe GB madza rotary club mazda RX8 231 2003 Slalom, Time Attack
Jan van den hoek NL mazda rx-7 FC 1986 N/A
jd maneschijn NL mazda rx7 rx7 sa 1983
Jean-Marie Anthonis BE RX-7 Club Mazda RX-7 FD 1995 Concours d'elegance
Jeroen Sterke NL JT-performance Mazda RX-7 FD3S 1992 Time Attack
Jochen Schieren DE hadi Mazda Club nl mazda Rx7 1979 küwe umbau mit motortuning Fahrwerkoptimierung Racingbeatauspuff und ganz viel 80er jahre tuningspecials alles Zeitgenössig mit Historischer Zulassung Concours d'elegance, Slalom
Joerg Rudloff DE rx7-club-europe Mazda RX-7 FD 1993 LHD, Umbau auf 99 Japan Spec, Tein Gewinde Fahrwerk, 18Zoll Raeder, RE Anemiya Auspuff, Sonderlackierung Concours d'elegance
joffrey craquelin NL MAZDA RX7 FD3S 1993 Silver Grey
Yokohama Super Advan 17" wheels black with Michelin Pilot sport
Greddy Trust Intercooler
Apexi Power FC
Greddy Boost Controller
HKS downpipe
Ohlins Suspensions
johan ter Beek NL NSU Ro 80 1968 Eerste toelating in Frankrijk 13-01-1969. Auto heeft de 4 bougiemotor, orginele fabrieks ruilmotor. Sinds 2007 op nederlands kenteken. Concours d'elegance, Slalom
Joost Brittijn NL RX-7 club Eunos Cosmo 1990 2 rotor, geïmporteerd uit Engeland, Japanse radio werkt nog. Concours d'elegance
Joost Brittijn NL RX-7 club Mazda 929 Legato 1980 Hardtop automaat. Concours d'elegance
Jos Hoebeke NL Mazda RX-8 Compressor 2004 Supercharched RX-8 from Pettit racing Time Attack
Jurgen Neelen NL RX-7 Club Mazda RX-7 FC3S S5 1991
Kanters NL Hadi-Mazda Club Mazda 929 Hardtop Coupe 1976
Kees Hoebeke NL RX-7 Club Mazda RX- FD 1992 Equipped with 26B 4-rotor. Hopefully it will run in time.
kenneth ottevanger NL rx-7 club nl Mazda RX-7 FC N/A GLX 1986
Kevin Katsman NL RX7 club/ Rex-1750 rx7 fd3s 1992 Time Attack
Kurt Hofstetter CH Mazda RX-3 Coupe 1972 2006 neu aufgebaut
div. Oldtimer-Rallys in Europa gefahren
Concours d'elegance
Lars Wieland DE Rx-7Club europe Eunos Cosmo 13B 1994 fresh rebuild engine , new rims and new K-Sport coiloverset Concours d'elegance
Lissy Helbers NL rx7 fc convertible 1989 Of met de fd 1995
M&M NL RX-8 Mazda RX-8 HP 2004 Veel originele accessoires
Marcel NL MAZDA RX-7 FD3S 1992 alles custom made Re Amemiya wide body kit.
Gigantische speclist te veel om ff op te noemen.
We zijn momenteel druk bezig om hem klaar te hebben voor rotary stock maar is nog niet 100% zeker.
Er staan genoeg foto s op mijn Facebook Mexxswa enjoy.

Concours d'elegance
Marcel Kielliger NL Mazda RX-5 coupe 1977 Restored car. Concours condition. Hoshino Racing wheels. Holley intake kit. Racingbeat exhaust. KingSpring lowering kit. External Full synthetic oil lubrication system. Concours d'elegance, Slalom, Time Attack
Marcel Kielliger NL Mazda RX-7 TII cabriolet 1989 Racingbeat exhaust. Refurbished wheels. Restored engine. Concours d'elegance, Slalom, Time Attack
Marcel Kielliger NL Mazda RX-7 SA 1979 Restored in 1990-1994. Racingbeat exhaust, Defin Din gauges, Full synthetic OMP bypass system, Racingbeat suspesion and lowering kit, 15"alloy wheels. Concours d'elegance, Slalom, Time Attack
Marcel Smeding NL Hadi Mazda club Mazda 818 coupe 1977
Marco de Leeuw NL Hadi-Mazda Club Mazda 808 DeLuxe 1973 The Mazda 808 is the piston equivalent of the Rx-3. In Europe typenumbers with a 0 in the middle were claimed by Peugeot. This mazda needed to be rebadged to 818, however this car slipped through the maze and kept the 808 badges. The colour is a very nice and bright Phoenix Blue. Als a color seen on the Rx-3. Concours d'elegance
Marco de Leeuw NL Rx-7 Club Mazda Rx-7 FB 1985 This is one of the last first generation Rx-7. This one is equiped with a red leather interior, cruise control, airconditioning, Limited Slip Differential and a very rare glass moonroof. Concours d'elegance
Marco de Leeuw NL Rx-7 Club Mazda Rx-7 SA 1979 This Silver Rx-7 with license plate DX-54-PL is the twin of the same car owned by Ad Rademakers that has license plate DX-45-PL. At the introduction of the Rx-7 in NL in 1979 all press cars had license plates in the range DX-nn-PL. Concours d'elegance
Markus Kewitz DE Team Wabaki Mazda RX-7 FD3s 1993
Markus Rexin DE Rotary Drive RX-7 Club Europe e.v. Mazda RX-7 FC TURBO-CABRIO 1992
Marten Ypma NL NSU RO80 1977
Martens NL Hadi mazda Mazda FD 1995 Concours d'elegance
Matthias Jansing DE / Mazda RX-7 FD 1993 Neu Aufgebautes Fahrzeug. Es wurde eine Menge Umgebaut, Optimiert und Restariert. Alles so das der Zeitgemaeße Look erhalten Bleibt. Concours d'elegance
Matthys Filip BE Mazda RX7FC 1988 Originele staat
Maya Brittijn NL RX-7 club, Hadimazda club Mazda RX-7 FC cabrio 1989 Cabrio geïmporteerd uit Japan, 00-RRR-5 Concours d'elegance, Slalom
Menno Landman NL rx 7 club nl mazda rx 7 FD LHD 1994 Concours d'elegance, Slalom, Time Attack
menno landman NL mazda rx-7 fc cabrio 1990 Slalom, Time Attack
Michel Boomgaard NL RX-7 club Holland Mazda RX-7 FD 1993 Concours d'elegance
Michel de Ruijter NL RX-7 club Mazda RX-7 FB 1985 Original Two-Tone: silver/anthracite
michel evers NL citroën m35 1970
Mike Allward UK UK Mazda Rotary Club Mazda RX7 FD3S Type RZ 1995
Mireck Visser NL Website Mazda Rx-7 FB 13B GSL-SE 1984 Full options
nico-oosterhuis NL rx-7 mazda rx-7 fc coupe 1989
Niels Brandhorst NL Mazda RX-7 FC 1992
Olaf Buchholz DE RX-7 Club Europe e.V. Rotary Drive Mazda RX-7 FC 1989
Olof Bakker NL Mazda RX-8 HP 2006 Velocity red
P.Wanrooij NL Mazda RX-7 FC 1986 Equipped with FD Twin Turbo Drift Car
For sale
Slalom, Time Attack
Pascal Belgraver NL RX-7 club Mazda RX-7 FD 1996 Large streetport, diverse upgrades
Patrick Sleutjes NL Hadi-Mazda Club Mazda 1300 s coupe 1973 Piston engine / 4-cilinder
Paul Loch BE Citroen M35 1971 enkelschijf wankelmotor
Peter Scholz DE Mazda RX 8 2004
R de Reus NL RX 7 club Mazda RX 7 FC 1988
Reusch Simon BE nee Mazda RX-7 fb 1983 100% restauriert und ganz original mit originalen alufelgen im wankellook, weiß, 83000Km Concours d'elegance
rick cross NL mazda rx8 hp 2004
Roel de bruyn NL Hadi mazda Mazda 1300 1976 Concours d'elegance
Rogier Veefkind NL RX-7 Club Mazda RX-7 FC TII cabrio 1990 Bijna stock. :-) Concours d'elegance
Ronald vergunst NL Rx7 club nl Mazda Rx-7 sa 1979 origineel staat behalve :

Racing beat uitlaat.
Concours d'elegance
Ronald vergunst NL Rx7 nl Mazda Rx-7 sa 1979 Racing beat uitlaat , verder origineel staat. Concours d'elegance
Roquillo Arlaud NL Rx7 club holland Mazda RX-7 1994 Single turbo, zeer veel vermogen
Ruben Van Der Linden BE Mazda FD3S 1998
Sammy Eeckhout BE Website Mazda Rx7 FD3S 1994 Veilside fortune kit , Asanti velgen , veel carbon , single turbo , custom interieur , ... Concours d'elegance
Sebastiaan Moes NL Mazda RX-7 FB 1986
Sebastiaan Penninga NL Website Mazda RX-7 FD 1995 Slalom, Time Attack
Simon Martin UK MRC Mazda RX7 FD 1992 Single turbo and matching modifications
Sjaak Craenmehr NL Facebookgroep RX8NL Mazda RX-8 HP 2006 Sohn-adapter
Stefan Neuteboom NL Hadi-Mazda Club Mazda 818 sedan 1973 Concours d'elegance
Sven Oudkerk NL NSU Spider 1967 Concours d'elegance
Sven Wegner DE Mazda Rx7 fd 1993
Tayfun Yazici DE Mazda RX-7 FD3S R-Bathurst 1995
Tim van Toor NL Rx-7 club Mazda Rx-7 FC T2 1991
tony Cadwallander GB Mazda Rotary club GB mazda RX8 2 359 BHP Street ported (by Power Gains motor sport) Pettit supercharged RX~8 Concours d'elegance
Vanthoor Wim BE Mazda RX-8 2004
Volker Schmitz DE Mazda Rotary Drive RX 7 Club Europe E.V. Mazda RX-7 FB GSL-SE 1984
Werner Legrand BE Mazda RX7 FC 1990
Werner Schöpges BE Mazda Rx7 Fc 1989
Wolfgang Illing DE Mazda Rotary Drive RX 7 Club Europe E.V. Mazda RX 8 2003 Concours d'elegance
Wolfram Enkler DE Wolfram at home Mazda RX-7 FB 1985 Swiss Import with contemporary body style
Wouter Flikweert NL Rx-7club Mazda RX-7 FD 1994 Slalom
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