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Camp sites:

Camping near Lelystad is possible  at "camping 't Oppertje". Dogs are not allowed and cars have to be parked on a central parking site.There are not only accomodations for tents but also other facilities like cabins and caravans.
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Another facility is "camping De Houtrib". They also have cabins and bed and breakfast is possible. At additional costs you can park your car near your tent or caravan and pets are welcome. Prices of both sites are almost the same and very reasonable.
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It is recommended to book early because the event is in a holiday weekend (including monday). Both websites contain pricing information and options for booking.


Hotel Lelystad airport.
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Apollo hotel. Both in Lelystad and Almere.
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Hotel de Lange Jammer.
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All other hotels can be looked up through the link below. Prices are fairly equal. Availability must show when booking.

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